Monday, July 30, 2007

Importance of Environment

When we speak of managing knowledge, it requires a single location wherein a certain area of focus or specific kind of knowledge can be accessible or collated by people within an organization. Tools and stategies and people who work together to align knowledge capture, codifying, classifying, storing and making it available to all does a great job in this. But most importantly, information resides in the minds of people. In an ideal situation, we create awareness that people are expected to share what they know with each other - learn and grow together.
In our everyday work, we are required to draw upon a variety of knowledge to be able to deliver what we are expected to do. This may not be always availble to us in specific area of expertise. In these scenarios we learn to research and look for information else where. The sources of such information may be books, internet, experts whom we know in the industry et al.
One of the very efficient and practical way of learning is to gain knowledge from a person who is truste and who is also an expert in the area in a personal interactive session. So when we speak of knowledge management in organizations, we speak of creating a coporate culture, which fosters mutual respect and learning through pro-active interactions among people within the organization.
Creating an atmosphere that encourages personal interactions and discussion allows knowledge to be spread and enhanced. Knowledge sharing, however, is still an ideal goal that many corporate organizations are now trying to reach. It is, however, the heart of knowledge management. How well are we succeeding in this attempt is yet to be seen! My personal feeling is there is still a long way to go. More awareness; more proactivness and interactions among people; cutting across egos, personal inhibitions or fear of competitiveness that needs to be removed to bring forth a successful culture.

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