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Difference between Tacit and Explicit Knowledge

Someone reached out to me on what is the difference between Explicit and Tacit knowledge and I thought I would pen down the difference here too!

Tacit knowledge is what people carry in their minds and we find it difficult to access. There are times we are not ourselves aware of the the knowledge we possess and also how valuable it can turn out to be if shared with others. The transfer of tacit knowledge mainly happens through personal contact and trust but this is considered to be very valuable. Many times this is not shared, primarily because we are unable to communicate all we know. This knowledge is also a very valuable input when it comes to innovations.

Explicit knowledge on the other hand, is what is documented or codifies and can be transferred easily to others. The processes, procedures, journals, manuals, drawings or any such artifacts come under Explicit knowledge. This is a form whereby human knowledge is externalized.
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Additions based on queries below::

The answer to the question is option d. -The fact that they represent two entirely different types of content.

An example of Tacit knowledge will be When conducting a web-based training for the first time, the trainer may read the instructions about how to conduct the training but lacks the tacit or the know-how based on experience. Implicit also means what is not expressed and hence it is tacit knowledge.

If the trainer has not conducted the web training before, but based on what they have read or heard from others, he or she may know the exact sequencing of steps to log in to a web session and conduct the training will be an example for explicit training.

Experience of a person is Tacit knowledge. When the person documents the experience then it becomes Explicit knowledge.

I hope this helps to understand the concept better.
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Can you plz let me know answer for this.

1. The two major forms of knowledge, tacit and explicit, are distinguished by:
a. Grew out of a different KM root discipline.
b. Arose at a different point in time during the evolution of the KM concept.
c. Are used in different types of organizations.
d. The fact that they represent two entirely different types of content.
e. The fact that they represent two different extremes in a spectrum that represents how well the knower can articulate the content.

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What is the difference between tacit and implicit knowledge? Can give an easy example..thanks!

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Differences between: