Monday, August 13, 2007

Importance of Empowerment for successful KM Implementation

Empowerment refers to a feeling of control and self-efficacy that emerges when people are given power in a previously powerless situation. This creates a sense of freedom which enables people to make better commitments to all their talents and energies to accomplish their shared goals.

The real advantages of knowledge management cannot be visualized without empowering employees. Empowerment requires more knowledge to be able to comprehend and contribute to the performance and achievement of goals. Empowerment makes people take on added responsibilities and solve organizational challenges by learning new skills in the area of work assigned. This also eventually leads them to become more competent.

The effective creation of knowledge assets, knowledge sharing and distribution happens when people have a sense of ownership and this is ignited when there is empowerment. Knowledge comes from expertise, learning, experiences and through empowerment, the organization can accelerate its capability.

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what are the difficulties of knowledge management